Company overview

Call-It Automotive was founded in 2010 by a group of automotive professionals with more than 60 years’ combined expertise at both manufacturer and dealership level.  Recognising the speed at which the automotive market was moving and the growing expectations of consumers looking for personalised services within the market, a range of customer contact solutions was developed using the latest technologies and software solutions for UK-based customers.

We are proud to be much more than a customer contact centre. Call-It Automotive is focussed on the delivery of value-added solutions and we work in partnership with our customers to deliver solutions that add significant value and return on investment . Our ambition is driven by the desire to offer the automotive sector a professional service which is recognised as best-in-class by our customers and by the industry.

Meet the team

With over 60 years’ combined automotive experience, our Senior Management team lead the business daily.
Our UK-based operational team is located at Call-It Automotive HQ in Slough, Berkshire.

Steven Sykes – Managing Director

Rachel Hooper – Client Services Director

Scott Brown – IT Director

Why use Call-It Automotive?

Call-It Automotive is much more than a traditional customer contact centre. Using our intelligent data management solutions, we provide a full range of targeted sales and after-sales services to help you grow your business, improve efficiencies, save money and increase your customer satisfaction!

But that’s not all! Our dedicated team of automotive specialists has the knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver market-leading solutions for you, translating your marketing strategy into operational reality. At Call-It automotive you will benefit from:


You will be assigned a project manager and contact centre agent to work closely with you to understand your business so that we can integrate the Call-It Automotive services within your organisation. The team will adopt your corporate culture so that customers experience a consistent service from us and we deliver on your brand promise.


Our company values drive us to explore new techniques and methods from outside the automotive industry – globally – and we are proud to share these solutions with you, as appropriate.


Our flexible solutions are designed to suit individual businesses, dealer groups and entire dealer networks alike. And remember, your data always belongs to you, throughout the entire process.


At Call-It Automotive we aim to deliver a seamless service to your customers on your behalf, building a strong rapport. We will deal with your customers in the same way as you would, as if they were in direct contact with your business. This even includes a booking or appointment process wich takes into account your local constaints and circonstances.


Call-It Automotive offers a ‘DIY’ solution enabling your staff to benefit from the same quality of data as we would use when making calls on your behalf. If you already have the resources to deliver a systematic contact cycle in-house then we will support you in doing so.

For times when you can’t manage the process entirely on your own, Call-It Automotive has developed a ‘support’ solution to share the call facility with your dealership. In this way, you utilise existing internal resource whilst ensuring there is a call overflow facility available during peak activity.


We commit to delivering a minimum 300% return on investment for you. Recognising the complexities of establishing a reliable measure of ROI, we will work with you to define a clear methodology and validate any assumptions with you in the measurement of key performance indicators.